Nareema Baksh, born in Guyana, South America emigrated to the United States in 1988 and became a citizen of the U.S. in 1997.  Born into a family of entrepenurs Nareema has always been a very motivated self starter in business.  Having run the family business in Guyana starting at the young age of 18 she was blessed to learn the habits of providing amazing customer service as that was the only way the family business could thrive.

Upon moving to the U.S. Nareema immediately went to work for her brother who owned a very successful real estate company in New York.  Nareema worked in every aspect of running the company prior to her becoming licensed as a professional real estate agent and jumping into listing and selling real estate in 1995.

Nareema immediately was the office top producer from her first year being a licensed agent.  The challenge of competing against the office and industry veterans was her driving force to build a real estate business that served her clients at the highest possible level.  From year one as an agent, Nareema won award after award from both her office and from the Westchester Board of Realtors.

In January 2001 Nareema decided it was time for her to open her own office and once again run her own business, the same way she had done back home.  Her office was an instant success and once again the top awards just kept coming in over and over.  When asked what she thought created her repeated success, Nareema simply responded with "in order to server others, you must help them accomplish their goals and desires with the highest level of professionalism and make the process easy for them".  It is the same desire and passion to serve and succeed that Nareema started her real estate career with, that drives her today to be Westchester and the Bronx's top real estate professional. 

Starting with her first office in the Bronx, Nareema listed and sold record numbers of homes in both the Bronx and Westchester markets.  With her success and the demand for her services growing rapidly in Westchester County Nareema opened her second office in Rye Brook  to be able to offer her clients an even higher level of personalized service.  Today Nareema owns and operates both offices and has a team of agents that serve both markets.  Nareema personally only works with a very exclusive clientelle that demand the highest level of professional real estate services available.

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Nareema Baksh Awards:

  • Westchester Board of Realtors "Platinum Award Winner"
  • Westchester Board of Realtors "Silver Excellence in Sales Award"
  • Diamond Club Award Winner
  • 14 Time Winner of "Top Listing Agent"
  • 12 Time Winner of "Top Selling Agent"
  • ERA Oustanding Performer
  • 2 Time Winner ERA Metro NY Top Lister
  • 2 Time Winner ERA Metro NY Top Producer